• Momentos Pictures is in no way responsible for copyright of any content like images, photos, videos, animations, etc.
• Any legal actions or claims against Momentos Pictures for losses suffered by you are not valid. You are solely responsible for your decision and the use of our content.
• Momentos Pictures is not bound in any way regarding trademark-related issues for any content or material.
• Momentos Pictures has two types of pricing to suit the needs of all the customers. They are normal and exclusive pricing. What you get for the pricing schemes are different. Paying the normal price you cannot make any of the content that you buy trademarked or registered. You will just be able to use the picture. Using the exclusive pricing scheme, you can make the content that you are buying trademarked or registered, but we are in no way responsible for taking care of that. You just reserve the right to getting the content trademarked. You need to do the rest.
• In case you are buying a video from the website paying the exclusive price, the video will not be deleted from the website. It will be marked as purchased and people will be able to make their own videos after watching this video, but can’t reproduce it.
• Once you have purchased any logo or design from us, we are in no way responsible for any copyright issues. You need to get that sorted on your own.
• Any misuse of the account which can hamper the name of the company and affect Momentos Pictures will lead to termination without any prior notice.
• Once you have bought the content and used it, you can’t expect to get any refunds. Once you get the source file you are no longer eligible for refunds of any sort.