Terms of Service

• Users are prohibited from using any content on our website like images, pictures, videos, animations, logos and others for reselling. Use the pictures however you want to but do not violate the restriction of reselling it portraying yourself to be the seller.
• You will be getting the source file once you have made the payment. After the payment has been made and you have received the source file, you are not eligible to get any refunds.
• The license authorizes one natural person to download and use the content on our website. No other person is authorized to access your account or use any of the content using your account.
• Our agreement allows you to use the images and content on Momentos Pictures as a digital reproduction on websites, online ads, apps, blogs, marketing and other such purposes. They can be printed in physical form for business cards or letterheads or flyers and other such tangible media. You are strictly prohibited from reselling, distributing and commercial use of any kind.
• Use of images and content in connection with any editorial context, news reporting, publishing, commentary, etc need to be accompanied by credits to Momentos Pictures as the source of the content.
• In all cases, the credits should be visible and prominent so that it is easily readable.
• It is expressed and agreed that the terms of service are established for the mutual benefit of both parties.
• In case of any breach of the terms or agreements with us, we hold the right to terminate your account without any further notice. We won’t be under any obligation to refund any amount you have paid for our services.
• We do not give any guarantee that that the content you get will meet your requirements. The entire risk regarding using the content is solely with you.
• In case you use fraudulent credit card information to create an account or engage in any other criminal activity affecting Momentos Pictures, we will file a complaint with the internet crime department.
• Neither the company nor any of its employees, members, directors, shareholders or suppliers will be liable for any damages or lost profits arising out of your use of our content.